Corona infection in 9 employees of the same office in Rukum West

August 8, Surkhet. Examination of those who came in contact with the head of a government office in Rukum West has confirmed corona infection in nine more employees.

The PCR test of the head of the office who went to Rukum West from Nepalgunj in Banke on July 12 was positive. After that, while tracing his contacts, nine more employees were found to be infected with corona, said Ishwor Rawal, corona focal person of the district health office.

According to him, for the first time in the district, nine people from the same office have been infected. Tracing has become a problem in most of the office staff after the infection was seen. ‘The address of the service recipient has not been found yet. However, a large number of contacts need to be traced, ‘he said.

In Rukum West, 18 new infections were added on Monday alone. Of them, 10 are government employees, three are security personnel, two are from India and three are residents of Saniveri village, said Corona Focal Person Rawal.

As the number of infected people has increased, there has been a problem in the management of infected people in Musikot Municipality. There is isolation only in the district hospital and Athabiskot. At the same time, 18 infected people have been added and they have been kept in the training hall of the hospital.

The district hospital, which has isolation of six beds, can barely accommodate nine people.


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