Covered hall abandoned: workers, no luggage

There were no workers before to work. There are workers now, but no goods. Covered work under construction in Jomsom, Mustang district across the Himalayas is currently stalled due to lack of supplies. “When we tried to start work from April, we could not find any workers,” said Suman Thakali, chief of the District Sports Development Committee, Mustang. As soon as the global Corona devastation started, there was a nationwide crackdown from March 11. The first blow to the lockdown was the construction of the covered hall. Essential cement for the covered hall under construction has been halted due to lack of transportation. Some of the 44 pillars of the hall are full. Something remains to be filled. Chief of the office, Thakali, said that the work was halted due to non-transportation of cement in the case of basement (DPC) slope. ‘There is no slope due to lack of transportation. After September, it gets cold and you can’t work, ‘he said. There is an urgent need for 1,000 bags of cement for the covered hall. According to Engineer Pranis Tamrakar of the Western Regional Sports Development Committee, the covered hall is 30 meters wide and 45.4 meters long. The indoor court will be 34.6 meters long and 20.2 meters wide, said Engineer Tamrakar. There will be four badminton courts. “A parapet with a capacity of 550 seats will also be constructed,” he said. It is difficult to work. According to Thakali, the office chief, the road has deteriorated on the Kavre hill near Rupse Chahra (waterfall) in Myagdi. The transportation has been stopped since last July 11. The traffic was disrupted after a motorable bridge in Myagdi collapsed on July 10. About a month later, when the bridge was repaired, no heavy vehicles were able to move. ‘After September, the Mustang gets colder. “It’s difficult to work,” he said. There are 25-30 workers. When there is no cement, there is an obligation to do other work. That would be costly, said Thakali, the office chief. “Work has started this year as soon as possible. The cost may go up further next year, ‘he said.’ There is no other option but to bring in cement after the road deteriorates. ‘ According to the detailed project report, the cost of the covered hall is estimated at Rs. 80 million. The Ministry of Youth and Sports has allocated only Rs 1 million in the red book this fiscal year. The policy of one local level one playground is the policy of the federal and state governments. According to the same policy, the Ministry of Youth and Sports had sent Rs 5 million to Gharapzhong village municipality of Mustang for infrastructure. Reconstruction work of the structure has been started from the same budget. Jomsom is at an altitude of 2743 meters. There are plans to hold table tennis under the Ninth National Sports Competition in Jomsom. Construction of covered hall has been started targeting the Ninth National Sports Competition.

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