Plasma therapy started at Corona Hospital, Butwal

Plasma therapy started at Corona Hospital, Butwal

August 8, Butwal. The treatment of corona infected patients has been started at Corona Special Temporary Hospital in Butwal using plasma therapy method.

A 70-year-old woman who was being treated at the hospital with the help of a ventilator has started treatment with plasma therapy.

For those women, Lumbini Regional Hospital doctor Dr. who was freed from corona infection a few days ago. Sajan Shrestha has donated blood on Monday. “For the first time in the hospital, we have started treatment with plasma therapy,” said Dr. Corona Focal Person of the hospital. Sudarshan Thapa said, “If the infected person is cured by this method, we also treat other patients.”

The medical superintendent of the hospital, Dr. Krishna Kumar, has started plasma therapy for the first time in five states. Rajendra Khanal, Corona Focal Person Thapa, Nepal Medical Association Lumbini Regional Hospital, Paramedics and Blood Transfusion Center Butwal are also making joint efforts. Vishnu Gautam said.

Plasma therapy is the process of separating plasma from the blood of a patient who has recovered from a corona infection and giving it to a seriously infected patient. Physicians say that this helps the infected patient to increase his immunity. It is unknown at this time what he will do after leaving the post.


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