Sports in Corona Havoc: Infrastructure Construction Budget Stopped

Corona havoc has paralyzed all areas. The sports sector is also not untouched. Whether it is sports activities or infrastructure construction, Corona has had a direct impact. Due to the devastation of Corona, the work of sports facilities in Gandaki has come to a standstill. Some have been stopped due to lack of budget. It has stopped due to non-arrival of goods. Work on the country’s largest and most glorious football field, the Pokhara Stadium, has been halted. Corona is terrified. Work is in vain due to non-arrival of goods from India. The construction work of the parapet of Pokhara Stadium football ground has come to a halt. After the lockdown that has been imposed across the country since March 26, everything has come to a standstill. The Rs 1.28 billion football field is yet to be roofed over the VIP parapet. But the goods are stuck in India. Construction of a parapet including a football field was started targeting the 13th South Asian Games (SAG). Although the parapet was not fully prepared, the Green Women’s Football Tournament was held at the Pokhara Stadium under construction from December 3 to 4. Construction of swimming pool and shooting range has not started yet. The work has not progressed as the tender invitation has not been accepted. Both of them have been allocated a budget of Rs 5 million each this fiscal year as well. ‘The budget for swimming and shooting is in the red book. But the tender has not been called. It has been stopped because of Corona. ‘ “The impact of the corona has affected all areas,” said Prince Tamrakar, an engineer with the Western Regional Sports Development Committee, Pokhara. The swimming and shooting range is being prepared especially for the Ninth National Sports Competition to be held in Pokhara. The multi-purpose covered hall under construction in Mustang has been halted due to lack of equipment. Suman Thakali, head of the Mustang office of the District Sports Development Committee, said that the work was halted due to lack of cement. The construction work of covered hall was also started in Parbat from this last fiscal year. Work was started last year at a cost of Rs 4 million. But only Rs 1 million has been allocated in this fiscal year. The allocated budget has not been released yet. Work has come to a standstill due to lack of budget due to Corona. Work on the multi-purpose covered hall for senior citizens at Gharmi in Pokhara-19 has also been stopped. The budget has not been released. The covered hall has Rs 5 million. The covered hall under construction in Gharmi is the residence of Youth and Sports Minister Jagat Bahadur Bishwakarma. A covered hall is also under construction in Manang district of Himal Pari. 5 million in the last fiscal year. But this year, construction will be affected due to lack of budget or weak budget. Work on the Pokhara-16 Lamachaur playground, including a changing room with a VIP parapet, remains to be done. It was Rs 10 million in the last fiscal year. This is only Rs 1 million for the financial year. “We went according to the budget of the last fiscal year.” Chairman of the Lamachaur Sports Ground Construction Committee Surendra Man Singh Bhandari said, “It is known that the budget has been slightly reduced this year as well. The evacuation has not taken place. The work is stopped. ‘

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